June's Jewels

Local Accessory Artist based in Green Bay, WI

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June Schuyler is an Oneida woman, a hobbyist and a creative maker of beautiful jewelry. I've had to pleasure of designing a logo, business cards and tags for her selection of accessories.

Our names are no coincidence. June Schuyler is my grandmother and a creative role model of mine. When it comes to her jewelry, she is first and foremost, a hobbyist. Making jewelry is a passion of hers that she chooses to do out of the comfort of her own home.

June Schuyler sells her jewelry every year at the Oneida Annual Pow Wow, a gathering of friends and family across tribes. Her handmade creations can also be found year round at Turtle Island Gifts in Green Bay, WI. She does not take commissions, but she does enjoy friendly conversation.