Alverno College

Women's College in Milwaukee, WI

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Alverno College has many departments that offer a number of services to her students. Two of those departments I have worked closely with and designed print flyers, redesigned a logo, and created content for the Alverno College Website.

The International and Intercultural Center provides support and resources for international students, aid domestic students in studying abroad and hosts multicultural events that engage and educate the student body. It was here that I spent a year interning and designing flyers for each IIC event. I am also responsible for the IIC's online presence. After studying abroad myself, I knew that Alverno students needed easier access to information regarding studying abroad. Upon my return, I set out to create content for the IIC on the Alverno College website, allowing domestic and international students easier access to information about the IIC and their services. 

The Communication Resource Center was established for students desiring one on one tutoring for essays, speeches and professional presentations. The CRC desired a new logo, an informational flyer and a name tag for their student tutors.