Minqy Art

Freelance Illustrator in Milwaukee, WI

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Minqy Art is the name I use when I travel to different festivals, conventions and events to sell my designs. Much of my work is inspired by my identity as an Indigenous, Pansexual Woman. My most notable work is my Pride Pun Collection. I created a number of designs aimed at LGBTQ+ identities, utilizing puns for pure whimsy.  

As a member of the Oneida Nation, I strive to create the kind of content I wish to see in my community. This year, I was afforded the opportunity to share my artistic vision through the Milwaukee Country Transit Center (MCTS) Bus Shelter Art Project.


The design pictures six bears decorated with an elemental symbol that represents six tribal communities in Wisconsin; Menominee (People of Wild Rice), Oneida (People of Standing Stone), Mohican (People of Waters that Never Still), Anishinaabe (Spontaneous Beings), Ho-Chunk (People of Big Voice) and Potawatomi (People of Three Fires).

This year the Native American Indian Games (NAIG) Council was accepting submissions for a new logo to represent our Wisconsin Team as they compete in Canada in 2020. The brief for the designs was to create a logo that could represent the US Wisconsin team on an international stage. Two colors were requested for easier embroidery on jackets, shirts and uniforms.

One design that I've completed is slightly more personal than others I've worked on. In June 2019, my cousin completed his suicide at the age of 21. In his memory, my family joined the Out of the Darkness walk in October 2019. We called ourselves Team Thunderbirds and raised more than twice the amount we expected to for mental illness awareness and suicide prevention.

Elijah Michael Schuyler